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Grave Mercy

Hi guys! :)

  My first review is going to be about Robin LaFevers book; Grave Mercy,Posępna Litość in Poland.
Grave Mercy is a  historical novel with a breath of fantasy and a reason of ur future sleepless nights with this kickass book!

First of all

  Ismae, The Bumpkins Daughter doesnt have easy life in a  fifteenth-century Brittany. She is abused because of her dark secret. She is a kickass Mortain daughter. Who? The most kickass god of the big nine: The god of death.

  Her story begins when her would-be future husband is trying to rape her.
Kinda "other" begging than the others,right?

  This great book is going to make u feel all the feels,including love to some of the characters,fear about their lifes,and repulsive anger to the rest of them.

  This epic book needs mine 7/10 score!

There is a text below that includes spoilers,If u want to read it click "read more"

  So guys this part is going to be about my own thoughts and feelings about this book.
Ismae is a great  character,who's showing us how to have a big mercy to everyone besides this big anger and all of the bad feelings to the other person. I would never be able to be a such a good character in a story like that.
This mercy has a good side,buuuuuut a bad one too (4 meh ofc)
Am I the only one who prefer more badass characters. Oh seriously! Ismae is a lovable sweet girl who feels in love with a pretty guy and all this shit.
There is a veeeeeeeeeeeery big gap between Ismae and Sybella. Ofc I prefer Sybella. I know that's because of their life stories,but stil Sybella is winning.
Besides lovalabliness (I know thats wrong,dont judge me) of Ismae,she is great! 

Like her powers of Poison Ivy? (the thing with poisons,and healing & stuff) COOL
Her badass killing techniques? COOL
Her sexyiness overload? COOL
Her changing nature? COOL AS FUCK
So even tho Ismae is cool,am I right?


I love him,he is just ahbnijbfewjbg
I ship Duval and Ismae so much,but you know..

Now something about book.
  Some of the episodes of this book 4 me were hmhm... predictable?
No matter what ur going to say,IT IS predictable. Like this pat of healing Duval with her body. SO DC COMICS INFLUENCE :D
The style of writing gave me some new view (I read it in polish version) of writing style. It was great way to make it like that. Im not a fan of history type books,but this shit was awesome. 
Maybe u can think that I actually didnt like this book at all because of my review,but I pretty much do..AAND the second book was a gift. The second book about Sybella is on mine top 10 books shit list,I LOVED IT.
Would you like to see what I loved about the second book? Let me know down in the comments ;)

  What do you think about this book? Give me a hint in the comments! But before writing anything,please make sure that you want or dont want to write spoilers. If u do,then write this before anything: SPOILER ALLERT :)

Thanks 4 reading and see u in the next post,bye! :)

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