piątek, 22 sierpnia 2014

Polish or English

Hi guys! :)

  This is me ofc and I have a big question for you. YEAH THATS RIGHT JUST FOR YOU!
Im a bit confused about language stuff,I cant decide which language should I pick to write in my blog:
Polish or English.
Let me know about ur feelings here below this text,right in the comments :)

Hej kochani! :)

  Tutaj jak zwykle ja,mam dla was małe pytanie z którym borykam się już trochę.
Wolelibyście żebym pisała w języku angielskim czy polskim?
Wasza opinia i wygoda jest dla mnie priorytetem i chciałabym żebyście z wygodą i uśmiechem wchodzili na mój blog. Taaaakże dajcie mi znać w komentarzach co byście woleli :)

Thank u 4 ur support and see ya! :))
Dzięki za współpracę i pomoc..do zobaczenia! :)

Grave Mercy

Hi guys! :)

  My first review is going to be about Robin LaFevers book; Grave Mercy,Posępna Litość in Poland.
Grave Mercy is a  historical novel with a breath of fantasy and a reason of ur future sleepless nights with this kickass book!

First of all

  Ismae, The Bumpkins Daughter doesnt have easy life in a  fifteenth-century Brittany. She is abused because of her dark secret. She is a kickass Mortain daughter. Who? The most kickass god of the big nine: The god of death.

  Her story begins when her would-be future husband is trying to rape her.
Kinda "other" begging than the others,right?

  This great book is going to make u feel all the feels,including love to some of the characters,fear about their lifes,and repulsive anger to the rest of them.

  This epic book needs mine 7/10 score!

There is a text below that includes spoilers,If u want to read it click "read more"

|| About me & Blog ||

Hi guys! :)

  This is my first post.. so I hope that u ll like it :)
Maybe first something about me?
Like u can see in "about meh" Im 15 years old girl from Poland who's fancy about books,games,comics,drawing & related to this stuff :)
On this blog u will see my weekly book reviews!
I like fantasy,crime fiction,sci-fi and teenagers stuff books,therefore u ll see reviews about books like that! :)
I ll try to give a new review on every Tuesday (the only thing that can change about it is a day,because it depends on my backloge of work THANKS TO SCHOOL).
If u would like to see my reviewing especially this book give me a message and I ll try my best ;)
Any questions? :)

See u and thanks 4 reading <3